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• After a few bumps in the road with other rental companies, Cache Party Rental cam through and helped us have one of the best parties we have ever seen. "Luis Del Toro"

• Cache Party Rental was great. Everything went as planned and scheduled. I am very pleased with thier service and will definately be calling them back in the future. Thank you. "Gabriel Gutierrez"

• My experience with Cache Party Rental was wonderful. Thier attention to detail, and the customer service was great. I honestly did not expect to get such good service from a party rental company. "Jessica Johnson"

Table Rentals in Miami

Miami Party Rental has the largest inventory of Table Rentals in Miami for the most economical prices you can find. We cater to events all over South Florida. From the Florida Keys, up to West Palm Beach, we can service your event. The following is an inventory of our Table rentals in Miami.

• Rectangle Tables - Rectangular Tables in Miami are very popular and come in either 8ft Rectangular Tables (seats 8-10 Guests) or 6ft Rectangular Tables (seats 6-8 Guests). We cater to all events big or small, but if your having a large event and need a few hundred to a thousand tables, feel comfortable in knowing that we have the largest inventory available for Rectangular Table Rentals in Miami!

• Conference Tables - We have conference table rentals in Miami that wood look great at any boardroom meeting or for everyday uses.

• Bridge Tables - Formica Bridge Table Rentals is just one of the specialty tables that we carry in inventory.

• Square Tables - We have many Square Table Rentals for all your event needs.

• Round Tables - Round Table Rentals in Miami are very popular and come in 48" inch Round (seats 4-6 Guests) 60" inch Round (seats 6-8 Guests), and 72" inch Round (seats 10-12 Guests).

• Quarter Round Tables - Quarter Round Table rentals in Miami can be placed on the ends of a serpentine table combination to create a great look, as well as in the corner of a room or nook.

• Half Round Tables - Half Round Table Rentals can go against a wall or can be placed on both ends of 2 combined banquet tables to create a large conference or dining table.

• Quarter Pie Tables - Perfect for combining at the end of a serpentine table or as a stand alone display unit.

• Cocktail Tables - Cocktail Table Rentals in Miami are very popular and come in 36" inches and sit about 30" to 42" inches high. These tables can sit up to four guests and are normally rented with black bar stools.

• Cake Tables - Our 36" Round Cake Table Rentals in Miami are very popular at birthday parties and wedding. While they do accomodate 4-6 seating guests, these tables are normally used for cake setups.

• Picnic Bench - Picnic bench's can be used for outdoor events like birthday parties or any outdoor events.

• Portable Bars - Our Portable Bar Rentals in Miami are perfect for those who entertain large groups regularly or for private party professional bartenders.

• Umbrella Tables - Are excellent for creating shade to your guests during your birthday party festivities or corporate picnic.

Chair Rentals in Miami

Chair Rentals in Miami are very popular for birthday parties, weddings, galas, and all types of special events. Miami Party Rental has one of the largest inventory of different style chairs for every occasion. The following is a list of Chair Rentals in Miami that we have in stock!

• Chairs for Children - Are you having a birthday party and are in need of children's tables or chairs? Miami Party Rentals has what you need!

• White Samsonite Chairs - The white folding plastic chair rental in Miami is the most economical chair used for birthday parties and or weddings. Can be decorated with a cover and bow for all your decoration needs.

• Wood Padded Chairs - Wood Padded Chair Rentals in Miami are used for elegant events like weddings and special events.

• Wedding Chairs - Miami Party Rental carries many different Wedding Chair Rentals in Miami for your convinience.

• Outdoor Chairs - We carry many different outdoor chair rentals for any outdoor type of event.

• Barstools - Barstool Rentals in Miami are very popular and mostly rented along with cocktail tables.

• Chiavari Chairs - Chiavari Chair Rentals in Miami are great for the ultimate special events affair. We carry many different colors for all your decoration needs. This chair is a favorite rental for all brides to be! Miami Party Rental has the best prices of Chiavari Chair Rentals in Miami!

Tablecloth Rentals in Miami

We carry a very diverse inventory of Tablecloth Rentals in Miami. We have about every color you will ever need to decorate your tables as you see fit! We guarantee that all our tablecloths will always be clean when delivered. The following is the inventory we currently have in stock for Tablecloth Rentals in Miami!

• Aqua Tablecloths • Navy Blue Tablecloths • Light Blue Tablecloths • Royal Blue Tablecloths • Black Tablecloths. • Burgundy Tablecloths • Cafe Tablecloths • Camel Tablecloths • Coral Tablecloths • Dusty Rose Tablecloths• Fuchsia •Tablecloths • Gold Tablecloths • Gray Tablecloths • Dark Green Tablecloths • Hunter Green Tablecloths • Green Tablecloths • Ivory Tablecloths • Kelly Tablecloths • Lemon Tablecloths • Maize Tablecloths • Mauve Tablecloths • Moss Tablecloths • Orange Tablecloths • Peach Tablecloths • Light Pink Tablecloths • Pink Tablecloths • Plum Tablecloths • Purple Tablecloths • Red Tablecloths • Slicker Tablecloths • Tan Tablecloths • Teal Tablecloths • Terra Cotta Tablecloths • Turquoise Tablecloths • Violet Tablecloths• White Tablecloths.

Table Skirt Rentals in Miami

Miami Party Rental has one of the largest inventories of Table Skirt Rentals in Miami! Just about every color you need to decorate your table for your upcoming event. We guarantee all our skirts will be delivered on time and clean to your event! The following is our inventory of Table Skirt Rentals in Miami!

• Aqua Table Skirts • Navy Blue Table Skirts • Light Table Skirts • Royal Table Skirts • Black Table Skirts • Burgundy Table Skirts • Cafe Table Skirts • Camel Table Skirts • Coral Table Skirts • Dusty Rose Table Skirts • Fuchsia Table Skirts • Gold Table Skirts • Gray Table Skirts • Dark Green Table Skirts • Hunter Green Table Skirts • Green Table Skirts • Ivory Table Skirts • Kelly Table Skirts • Lemon Table Skirts • Maize Table Skirts • Mauve Table Skirts • Moss Table Skirts • Orange Table Skirts • Peach Table Skirts • Light Pink Table Skirts • Pink Table Skirts • Plum Table Skirts • Purple Table Skirts • Red Table Skirts • Slicker Table Skirts • Tan Table Skirts • Teal Table Skirts • Terra Cotta Table Skirts • Turquoise Table Skirts • Violet Table Skirts • White Table Skirts

Napkin Rentals in Miami

We have the largest inventory of Napkin Rentals in Miami in Stock! Every color you need to match your decorations! call us for the best prices in town! Here is our inventory list of Napkin Rentals in Miami!

• Aqua Napkins • Navy Blue Napkins • Light Blue Napkins • Royal Blue Napkins • Black Napkins • Burgundy Napkins • Cafe Napkins • Camel Napkins • Dusty Rose Napkins • Fuchsia Napkins • Gold Napkins • Gray Napkins • Dark Green Napkins • Hunter Green Napkins • Green Napkins • Ivory Napkins • Kelly Napkins • Lemon Napkins • Maize Napkins • Mauve Napkins • Moss Napkins • Orange Napkins • Peach Napkins • Light Pink Napkins • Pink Napkins • Plum Napkins • Purple Napkins • Red Napkins • Slicker Napkins • Tan Napkins • Teal Napkins • Terra Cotta Napkins • Turquoise Napkins • Violet Napkins • White Napkins • Light Yellow Napkins.

Flatware Rentals in Miami

We promise you will get super clean Flatware Rentals in Miami. Whether its forks, knives, or spoons, Miami Party Rental has what you need in stock!

Glassware Rentals in Miami

Our Glassware Rentals in Miami are very clear, beautiful, and always clean. We always carry a very diverse lineup of glassware for your choosing. The following is our inventory list of Glassware Rentals in Miami

• Beer Mugs • Brandi Sniffers •Flutes • Water Goblets • Highballs • Margaritas • Martinis • Rock Glass • Shot Glasses • Wine Glasses

Chinaware Rentals in Miami

Our Chinaware Rentals in Miami are very beautiful and always clean. We always carry a very diverse lineup of chinaware for your choosing. The following is our inventory list of Chinaware Rentals in Miami.

• White Dinnerware • Ivory Dinnerware • White/Silver Trim Dinnerware • White/Gold Trim Dinnerware • White Square Dinnerware • LaFleur Dinnerware• Transparent - Silver Beaded Dinnerware • Transparent - Gold Beaded Dinnerware • Chargers

Tent Rentals in Miami

Our inventory of Tent Rentals in Miami is huge. From tents that seat 20 guests to hundreds of guests, we can accomodate all your party rental needs. Miami Party Rentals has been in business for over 35 years and has the experience to make your event successful! make sure you hire an expert to set up your Tent Rentals in Miami!

Grill Rentals in Miami

We carry many different kinds of cooking equipment for all your event and catering needs. The following is a inventory list of Grill rentals in Miami as well as other cooking items. • Charcoal BBQ Grills • Propane BBQ Grills • La Caja China • Propane Gas Stove • Propane Gas Candy Stoves • Propane Gas Griddles • Deep Fryers • Propane Tanks